Can my dog swim in my fibreglass pool?

Can your dog swim in a fibreglass pool? Well, I have a story for you on that very topic. At the end of each summer the day before the neighbourhood fibreglass swimming pool closes for the season, everyone who lives in the community is invited to bring their dog(s) up to the pool for “Doggie Swim Day.”  The first time I took my little Peekapoo up there for this highly-anticipated annual event, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean, I have heard of the doggie paddle. But I really didn’t know how Snoopy would react. I even wondered if he would have any interest in getting in the water.  Bath time was already kind of a challenge for this pup of mine. I doubted jumping into this huge pool of water would entice him.  But I took him up there anyway. And I was surprised.

Upon arrival, there were at least 25 dogs running gleefully around the pool. The bigger, water-loving dogs would jump in and out of the water over and over with utter abandon. My dog was a bit more timid. He had no issue just running laps around the perimeter of the pool.

A great evening was had by all of the dogs as hilarity ensued the entire hour. And it was later determined no damage was done to the pool! The only damage that seemingly occurred was an apparent bruised ego to one of the dogs who was out-performed in water antics by another dog.  But I digress…

So let your dog jump in your fibreglass swimming pool

Dogs can have fun in the pool, with you or with their own kind, especially if it is a fibreglass pool.  In fact, we welcome you to invite your pets to join you and your family in all of the fun.  We have seen many dogs simply enjoy hanging out on the splash deck, while other dogs prefer paddling around the deep end.

The fibreglass construction of our pools allows dogs to do basically splash and play as they please. The nails and claws of your pets will not rip a fibreglass (or even a concrete pool) like they might a vinyl liner pool or other types of pools.

However, we do have a couple important items to point out before you let your dog take command of the “high seas.”

The best type of chemical to use if your dog likes to swim in your fibreglass swimming pool

It has been reported that salt chlorine generators work amazingly well with pets. These produce a low level of natural chlorine. The salt is easy on your dog’s skin and the chemicals are not harsh. Translation? Saltwater pools are safe for your pets.

How a dog can affect the filter system in your fibreglass swimming pool

A dog’s presence in the swimming pool is roughly equal to having 50 people in your pool at once. (No, we did not stutter…that is a lot!) However, even though a dog’s fur can be harder on the filter system, they are not known to do damage to the system.

So basically if you have a cartridge filter, just spray it off more frequently. With sand, you may have to prepare yourself to backwash it more often.  Worth the extra effort if you enjoy sharing your backyard fibreglass swimming pool with your furry friend.

Paws-itively encouraged

So, if you feel the urge to toss a tennis ball into the water for your dog to chase in hot pursuit, we say, “Go for it!”  Better still, try to get your pooch to pose for an Instagram-worthy photo. Have him wear a pair of shades and a ball cap. Upload and post it to your social media accounts. Then, let the world know that you and your pet know how to enjoy “life at its best.”


This blog post originally appeared on Imagine Pools on December 3, 2021.